• Rough Totes

    Find the perfect, durable storage box for keeping your garage clutter-free. With assorted sizes and designs, you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for.

  • Clearly Neat

    The clear storage box that will look great in your cupboard. Choose from six sizes that will fit perfectly in your home.

  • Drawers

    With a huge selection of drawers to choose from, you’re bound to find the one that slots perfectly under your desk. Using the latest technology, we’re also able to create beautiful decorative designs in the drawers to complement your home.

Clear Storage

These durable containers are perfect for use in the home, as they can hold bedding, towels as well as other larger items. The clear plastic allows for you to easily identify items as and when you need them.

HiDesign Storage

Storage can be stylish and this is proven by our High Design storage range. Using inspiration from natural elements, these high quality open storage bins allow for easy organisation and they are available in three sizes, while bins are also available.

HiDesign Laundry

This laundry range offers the highest quality to handle all wash loads. From keeping dirty laundry organised, to baskets for clean, ironed clothing – you will be spoilt for choice.

Clearly Neat

These storage containers slip comfortably into cupboards and allow you to organise items inside your home. There are no bulky clips, with the lid simply latching onto the base, ensuring a neat and simple storage solution.


Keep on top of your admin with our range of drawers. From wide drawer towers to slimline options, these storage units can easily be stored next to or under your desk. With up to six drawers for paperwork, admin has never been this easy.

Rough Totes

Keep your garage in order with our high-quality rough totes. These heavy duty storage containers will cater for anything, from tools to household items, that may be lying around the house.

Jerry Cans

Forget roadside assistance; never be left waiting when adventure calls, thanks to Addis jerry cans. No matter if the lights go out and you need to top up the generator, or the fuel gauge light ignites in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be covered.